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We all know the importance of physical exercises as they contribute to our overall health and well-being. But just as these workouts strengthen and tone down our bodies, brain exercises stimulate our brains and help seniors build new connections as they age. 

As a paid companion for the elderly in Chelmsford, it is essential to incorporate cognitive games into your schedule as they significantly improve memory and help the elderly stay fit mentally and emotionally. 

Here, we have listed 10 extremely effective and powerful mind stimulating games you can play with the elderly to help keep their brains active. 

1. Word Games

Word games are fun. The best part? They also stimulate the brain and help improve memory. 

If the elderly you’re interacting with was once interested in word building, sudoku, or word puzzles, they may still enjoy them. Of course, they won’t be able to enjoy complex or advanced-level games, but if you find simpler ones, that can help quite a bit. 

The word building games published in newspapers are quite basic. So you can give them to the elderly or find other options over the internet. All you need to do is get printouts of them, preferably in a larger size, and you’re in place. 

Another brain game you can try is…

2. Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes are a perfect way to stimulate senior’s minds. Oh yes, they provide a good laugh too!

You can choose from countless Trivia topics available online, including general knowledge, history, literature, music, or current affairs. This also enables you to involve other like-minded seniors and build a team to add an element of fun and competition to the process. 

You can also try…

3. Card Games

Card games like poker and solitaire can help stimulate cognitive function in the elderly. These games particularly target those areas of the brain that are responsible for problem-solving and memory retention. 

To keep the senior mind sharp, you can either play these games after dinner or during tea break or play online.

What else can you try? Let’s find out…

4. Puzzles

If your patient can keep up with games and puzzles, you can also include them in your session. 

Here, it is important to understand that choosing games that are too advanced or technical can frustrate the elderly. You don’t want that. 

So, try to find options that are very basic and interesting. 

Another option you can try is…

5. Sudoku

Sudoku puzzles can also keep the senior mind sharp by triggering the problem-solving part of their brain. Because this game is so creatively designed, it helps the elderly use those areas of their brain they may not necessarily use in other tasks. 

What’s more interesting is that a successful game will provide your patient with a great sense of achievement. Online sudoku is simple and super fun to play. But you may also get printouts if the elderly aren’t comfortable playing this game online. 

Up next on our list is…

6. Chess

Strategy games like chess stimulate multiple parts of the brain. That’s perhaps the reason such games are effective for youngsters and the elderly alike. 

According to research, playing chess is likely to improve a person’s IQ level. Not only this, but it also helps prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia by stimulating almost every part of the brain. Some other advantages include:

  • better memory
  • more concentration
  • better logical problem-solving skills
  •  and improved decision-making abilities

You can also consider arts and crafts. Here’s why…

7. Arts & Crafts

You can also keep your patient busy in arts and crafts. Doing so will not only stimulate their mind but also promote hand movements. 

Arts & crafts will also allow the elderly to explore the creative side of their personality. You can even encourage them to give away their prepared items to friends and family. This way, they will feel more motivated and happy. 

We’re left with 3 more options now…

8. Reading and Writing

The best mind stimulating activity for senior would be to keep them busy in reading and writing. Buy them some of their favorite books and ask them to write their reading experiences in a notebook or a diary. 

9. Online Games

Almost everything we discussed in the above section is available online. There are countless mind-stimulating games available online that can keep your elderly busy for hours. Do your research well to ensure everything you choose is according to the taste and preferences of your loved ones or patients. 

10. Bingo

Loved by almost every senior, bingo is an old-time classic that promotes social interaction and memory. 

The best thing about this game is that you can play it inside care homes or your own home. 
Bingo is not only fun to play, but it also helps with hearing, sight, and touch. Because the game revolves around social interaction, it also helps reduce loneliness and anxiety in elders.

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