To escape from the Busy and hectic lifestyle one definitely needs to take a break  either in the form of a vacation or holiday. Especially for those living in metropolitan  cities like Mumbai, vacation is very very important. Taking a break from work and  exploring nature not only increases the productivity of a person but also improves  physical and mental health and helps reduce stress. What else would be better  than a hike to a nearby hill and enjoying the day off? One of the major benefits of  trekking is that it improves a person’s physical health and is in fact a workout for  your entire body. Here’s a list of best-trekking destinations in and around Mumbai.


This Trail can be explored in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai and  super easy one for beginners. You get to walk through an enchanting forest  full of beautiful insects and other tiny creatures. This is in fact a nice break  from your city life and will fill you with a sense of refreshment. This trail is  located in Borivali and you can even reach the place through your vehicle or  there are a lot of transport facilities available from Borivali station. Enjoy  this beautiful Trail on one of your weekends or holidays.  


These caves are also located in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai and are accessible throughout the year.  It’s just a one-day trek and the Kanheri caves are the highest point at the National Park. You can visit the caves in your own vehicle or there are a lot of other transport facilities available from Borivali. Do these keys are accessible throughout the year. The ideal time is when it is raining.season considering the cooler temperatures and the picturesque views of the caves of her after a shower. These caves were built before Christ and were Buddhist centers of education and have a lot  of Buddhist inscriptions and paintings in them. 


Located at an altitude of 5400 feet, the Kalsubai trek is very popular in the Sahyadri region. It takes around three hours to reach the peak and the high cost needs to cover a distance of 155 km. This comes to an end with the temple located at the peak and offers beautiful views of  the surroundings and the greenery and  mountains and the water bodies nearby gives you a sense of accomplishment It takes around two hours to reach Kasara from Mumbai on a train but visitors can even choose their personal vehicle to reach the destination. This is the best choice for those who seek adventure and it’s important to stay energized while embarking on this journey. Mountaineering skills are not required, one just needs the stamina and enough energy to finish the trek. Try to stay and enjoy the sunrise or the sunset if you are 


Passing through Dense forest Tungareshwar Trail offers a scenic view of flora and  fauna. It is a one-day trick and is also located in the Tungareshwar wildlife  sanctuary. To reach the base one can choose an auto or a personal vehicle from  Vasai station. The difficulty level is moderate and it takes one day to finish the  track. There are different rules by which one can reach the peak. To enjoy the  views of Vajreshwari springs you will have to choose the longer route but it will be  worth the effort considering the beauty of these. You might even spot few exotic  and endangered species of birds while on this trek. This track and National Park  are blessed with gorgeous sights of waterfalls and valleys filled with clouds.


Also a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park your hills are a perfect spot for picnics.  You will even catch the sight of mesmerizing Upwan Lake flowing through the hills  and the views here will give you a break from your hectic city life. Since it is  located near Tani station it is quite accessible by road and train. This is quite an  easy trick and can be covered in a very short time. You also catch the view of  Thane from the top of your Hills. This is especially for those who want to take  some time off and enjoy fresh air and nature around.

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