5 Best Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction in 2021?


Data extraction is very useful and a common technique used by people to extract information from the internet. But, at times it can be very time-consuming, hectic, and effort-taking, especially if it’s manual. That’s when the use of web scraping tools comes in. 

Web scraping tools, or otherwise known as web data extraction or. Web harvesting tools are designed to extract information from websites. These tools can be used to collect information from different websites on the internet.

In simple words, web scraping tools provide an advanced data entry method that does not require repetitive copy-pasting or typing. 

These tools can extract data automatically and manually, collecting information and storing it for easy access. Today, we will be looking at the 5 best web data scraping tools for data extraction.  

Top 5 web scraping tools for Data Extraction in 2021 

Read down below for the reviews of the best scraping tools available in the market. 


The very first tool on our list for web scraping services is ScrapeDo. This easy-to-use data extraction tool has been designed to make web scraping simpler. As compared to its competitors, Scrape.do comes with more modern features and 4 times faster speed – all at an affordable cost. 

The majority of web scraping tools usually cost extra for scraping hard-to-scrape websites, such as Google. Moreover, it can effectively scrape anonymous data from Instagram with a 99% success rate in only 3-4 seconds. Furthermore, Scrape.do is fully customizable and offers unlimited bandwidth in all plans. 


  • Makes it possible to scrape almost any website with help of rotating proxies 
  • Comes with the geo-targeting feature for more than 10 countries 
  • Can be completely customized 
  • Only successful requests are charged 
  • Flexible pricing plans 


Octoparse is a popular tool for web scraping because it can be used by both; non-coders and coders. Moreover, it can scrape large amounts of data (up to millions) in a short time span. The data collected is then stored in structured files such as JSON, CSV, and Excel. 

One of the main reasons so many people choose to use Octoparse is because it allows users to collect information without the need to write a single line of code. The highly intuitive interface allows the user to have complete control over the process. 


  • Anonymous Web Data Scraping to avoid banning 
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC systems 
  • Data can be cleaned automatically with the Embedded RegEx tool 
  • Comes with a free plan for users and a trial for paid sub. 


Zyte, previously known as scraping hub, is a cloud-based web scraping tool for collecting clean, and valuable data. This patented AI-powered automated extraction web scraping tool allows instant access to news or product data. 

Moreover, Zyte data scraping software organizes the content of the whole web page. A support team is available to guide the users if the crawl builder is unable to work according to user requirements.  


  • Automatic IP rotation & anti-ban built-in 
  • Supports 40+ languages 
  • Clean, dependable data you can rely on Ban management 
  • Simple crawl scheduling 


Agenty is a robotic process automation software developed for OCR. Text extractions and data scraping. It only requires a few mouse clicks for users to create an agent.  Moreover, it is also possible to reuse all your process data for your analytics with this data scraping application. 

Moreover, Agenty web scraping solution features highly anonymous proxies and automatic IP rotation to scrape any website. Overall, it is a highly effective web scraping tool that comes at an affordable cost. 


  • Users can view all activity log for all events. 
  • Provides automatic email notification once the process completes 
  • Flexible scheduling option – schedule web scraping agents 
  • Quickly transfers datas from webpages to spreadsheets 


Lastly, Diffbot is another useful datas scraping tool that allows users to extract useful information from the internet without any hassle. Diffbot’s products are based on cutting-edge natural language and machine learning processing software. And this enables them to parse millions of websites every day. 

Moreover, Diffbot also features a comprehensive knowledge graph that stores datas regarding important information scraped off the websites including people, places, businesses, organizations, companies, articles, products, and discussions. 


  • Allows to scale up extraction to 10,000s of domains with Crawl Bot 
  • AI-Powered Web Datas Extraction 
  • Analyzes Web Page automatically 
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Graph 


With so many web scraping tools present in the market, it can become difficult to choose the one that would fit your needs. All of the datas scraping tools mentioned above are the best ones in the market. Or you can hire a professional web and data scraping company as well.

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