A Complete Guide for Making Custom Eyelash Boxes


Cosmetic products are used for enhancing beauty – Women are crazy about makeup products. They use eyelashes to make their eyes more prominent and beautiful. According to the survey, women spend almost $300-400 every month in the USA. Now you can get an idea about the importance of cosmetics. So, if you have started an eyelash business for beauty-enhancing products. In that case, it is necessary to use attractive and beautiful boxes that turn the customer’s attention to your custom eyelash boxes

Why Do You Require Custom Eyelash Boxes?

If you think about designing your perfect and attractive packaging for protecting your eyelash, you need to think about custom-made eyelash boxes. Customization gives assistance to your custom eyelash boxes because you can freely choose any design and style for it. There is unlimited design for eyelash boxes, so you can design your box according to your needs and demands. Don’t regret it, and use the custom eyelash boxes and make a prospering increase in your sales. 

Customization not only gives your product a pretty look but also gives your eyelashes a shielding, and it is beneficial for you to protect your sensitive eyelashes by the use of custom cosmetic products. 

Start Customization with Material Selection

There are many materials you can find in the market that you can use in accordance with your packaging needs. Following are some materials commonly used for the manufacturing of the boxes. There are different materials for different purposes. 

  • Cardboard Material: Cardboard material is good quality material used for manufacturing quality boxes. These materials are thick and best for local usage and packaging. In this way, cardboard boxes are preferable for printing and folding. Furthermore, these boxes can also provide a protective cover for your eyelashes.
  • Corrugated Material: Corrugated is a robust and rigid material and is commonly used for shipping purposes, corrugated material is made up with a combination of layers of cardboard boxes. These boxes are 3-4 times thicker or more than the cardboard boxes. The reason to use these boxes is that they are more durable and can face many jerks and hurdles, and easily protect your product. 
  • Kraft Material: Kraft boxes are fully eco-friendly packaging for your custom eyelash boxes. These boxes are lighter in weight and best for printing. But the quality of these boxes is comparatively low from cardboard and corrugated materials. These boxes are 100% recyclable and easily decomposed, so it doesn’t negatively impact the environment. If you are interested in eco-friendly packaging so you can read more about eco-friendly materials here: Eco-Friendly Packaging Material List

Selection of Colors

The colors used for the printing are CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key black). These are the basic colors that make the other colors with the combination. In the selection of colors, try different colors for your custom eyelash boxes and use the attractive one. From the following, you can get an idea about it:

  • Choose Colors According to Brand Need: Selection of color plays an important role in making your product attractive. Select the theme color for your boxes. For example, choose that combination of colors that reflects your brand, i.e., customers can recognize you just by looking at your box packaging. 
  • Single Color Option is also available: Selection of single and attractive color means you can design packaging in a minimalist design. The use of a single color may give a professional look. 
  • Choose Bright Color Combination: Using bright colors may help the customer to recognize your product for a long time. Bright colors may make boxes valiant from the other brand. It also shows the freshness of your eyelashes, in other way if you are using dull and dim colors for your custom eyelash boxes, it can make your boxes offensive. 

Designing of the Eyelash Boxes

There is a variety of designs available in market and created ideas in mind, so designing is just your creativity that how you make your custom eyelash boxes attractive. So there are lots of designs available for custom eyelash boxes you can choose any design and style. Following are some designs from where you can get an idea about designing your custom eyelash boxes:

  • Use Textures: Using texture on the surface of the custom eyelash boxes is a pretty good idea for designing. It is the design that defines the surface and objects on the boxes. There are different designs of textures that make your box look impressive and creative.
  • Use Minimalist Design: The minimalist design shows simplicity. These are the simple designing art that gives your boxes a professional look. Overprinting may make your custom eyelash boxes messy, but minimalist design can define the worth of your brand. 
  • Use Metallic Shades: Metallic shade gives your boxes a metalized design, and boxes look like made of metal materials. Not only that, these shades may enhance the quality of printing and boxes as well. These metallic shades are commonly used in custom eyelash boxes. 
  • Use Geometric Design: You can also use geometric designs for your eyelash boxes. These are the creative and variety of designs available for you. In fact, you can also design your boxes according to your choice. It depends upon you how you make your boxes attractive. Choose the design that suits your boxes.


There is a whole world that exists of design and custom printed boxes. These two facts can make the place for your product in the market and boost your sales. The selection of custom eyelash boxes is the bottom line of your eyelashes, so design it carefully. 

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