Animation Videos for Business: How to Pick the Right One

Animation Videos for Businesses:

A business would want to use animation videos for their marketing campaign because it can showcase their products or services in a fun way. It is also an excellent medium to attract the attention of your target market. But how do you know which type of video best suits your business?

Animation Videos are broken down into three major genres. Which one should your business pick? Scroll down and learn more about them:

1) Whiteboard Animation Videos

A whiteboard animation video is usually illustrated with drawings on a plain-colored background with clear visibility and fine details. This type of animation uses actual hand written text with limited moving objects, thus creating an old school drawing feel which complements this style of animation.  As such, whiteboard animation videos can be easily understood and views tend to retain longer in the video itself.

Whiteboard animation videos are great for:  coming up with a memorable tagline. Storytelling type of campaign, for tutorials and to explain how your product works.

Businesses that benefit from Whiteboard Animation Videos:  start Ups, educational institutions, software companies/developers and anyone who wants to convey their point across without any distractions from unnecessary images or graphics.

2) 2D Animation Videos

In this kind of animation, characters or objects have more depth through the use of shadows and highlights which creates a 3D effect on the character being animated. It is often paired with a voice over to help keep viewers engaged. Cartoon styled videos give an interesting twist to this type of animation. It can give your business fun and exciting appeal which will attract younger viewers.

2D Animation Videos are best used to introduce or market a product or service, to create brand awareness for your company, promote events/special offers and to explain the benefits of using your products. Businesses that can benefit from 2D Animation Videos:  companies who want to target the younger generation. Those who want something different than regular videos. Small businesses with limited budget for big productions and companies who wants their video to be shared online via social media platforms.

3) 3D Animation Videos

This is made possible through computer graphics technology wherein multiple images are taken capturing every angle of an object so it can be replicated in 3D format. This is best used when you want to display your products in a life-like appearance.

3D Animation Videos are perfect for:  companies who already have an existing product line, product launches and advertisements. Real estate development companies or any company that wants to showcase their products in 3D animation without the need of actually producing it.

Businesses that can benefit from 3D Animation Videos:  companies in the industrial industry, toy companies and big businesses in general.

4) Stop-motion

Stop-motion is a type of animation where you physically move objects in front of a camera and take a picture. You then repeat the process until the object has moved to the desired location. This type of animation is often used for commercials, music videos and short films.

Businesses that can benefit from Stop-motion Videos:  companies who want a unique video, those with objects that can be moved without too much hassle, companies who want to be playful with their video and those who have a limited budget for production.

While all video types can be beneficial to your business. It really boils down to preference and the style that best suits your business. If you still can’t decide what type of animation or which one you should pick for your business, consult an agency who specializes in these genres.

5) Motion Graphic Videos

Motion Graphic Videos rely on a series of graphics, animation and illustrations to create a video. These types of videos are more for entertainment purposes as they help the viewer visualize the message being conveyed.

Businesses that can benefit from Motion Graphics Videos:  companies that want to share interesting data or those who have an overwhelming amount of information to convey to their audience.

6) Live Action Videos

Live Action Videos are videos based on real people and objects as opposed to animated entities. This type of video is often used in the promotional sector. Because the audience is able to identify with the subjects portrayed.  These videos can also be comical and quirky, which gives a sense of liveliness and versatility to your company. 

Businesses that can benefit from Live Action Videos:  companies who wants to develop strong brand identity, companies who want to emphasize product features and benefits in their videos. Those with products or services that are high in demand and growing industries.

Animation is an excellent way for businesses to get the word out there about their company. With all of the available types of animation, it would be best to consult an agency. Specializing in these genres so you can create a unique video that will attract your target market.

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