Bhandardara Camping 

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Bhandardara is situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra is a famous Hill retreat located near.  Igatpuri in the Western Ghats of India. It is an ideal place for camping and trekking as ardent trekkers visit Mount kalsubai. It is the highest peak in Maharashtra. Bhandardara is 117km from Mumbai and an ideal place for a weekend for the city hustlers as nature is filled with lush greenery. And mesmerising waterfalls surrounded by highest mountains.

The little village has many attractions with the serenity of nature which makes it adventurous for Trek. It is the hotspots for tourism which makes nature lovers and trekkers eager to fall in love with beauty. 


Bhandardara nestled itself as a scenic district of Igatpuri is one of the best commercial. Hill stations embraced by waterfalls, flora and fauna. It is home to the highest peak in Maharashtra Mount Kalsubai

The pristine green turquoise water reflecting on the running streams of the river, the soothing sounds of birds chirping and chilly winds makes it an ideal spot for lake camping. Witness the starry night of white milky way and galaxies across the sky. That you can never get to see in City life. If you are an astrophotography lover you will get to witness the rare spot of the milky way and numerous stars. With the best night stay warm. Under the bonfire and barbecue food will get your blues to go away. The sunrise at the campsite is a memorable experience with an early boat ride in the lake. 

Get rid of those stresses and worries by soaking up in the natural environment for relaxation. 

You can also go kayaking and fishing in the lakeside. You can also have other fun activities during the campsite. 


Kalsubai Trek

The best place in Bhandardara for trekking is Mount Kalsubai which is a 6.6km long trail which makes it to the moderate to difficult level for trekkers. The variation in the seasons attract many trekkers during the summer season as the height of the mountains are much cooler than their altitudes. Visit the Mount Kalsubai is a small deity temple at the summit where you can offer prayers.

Ratangad Fort Trek

This striking beautiful architecture was captured by Maharaj Shivaji is a treat to the eye with  an altitude of 1297 meters. This Ratangad Fort makes it the ideal spot for the trek during the summer as cool breeze follows you at the heights with an excellent view of the valley behind the mountains.

Umbrella Falls

It is formed under the Wilson dam and the force which the waterfalls on the naturally placed rocks that give umbrella-like shape have a little bridge that connects the pravara river. You  can cross the river and look and enjoy the dam and falls. 

Randha falls

This fall is attractive during the monsoon period where the pravara river falls into the deep ravine. It is one of the attractions on bhandardara. 

Wilson dam

It is the largest earthen dam in India built on Pravara river in 1910. It has a garden at the Base where greenery, Huge trees and the little stream can be watchable during the monsoon season.

Bhandardara fireflies Trek view 

Fireflies that glow in dark are the glowing phenomenon called bioluminescence due to the chemical reaction it occurs inside their bodies. This is another side of trekking where you can watch the glimpse of fireflies during the night but in the morning you get to see Rappelling activity which can be done in the Sandhan valley area. You get to see the fireflies during the visit to the Konkan Kada jungle. 

Best time to visit the bhandardara 

Any time of the year is suitable for you but during the monsoon season from June to September. You get to see the spellbound charm of this beautiful place when the temperature is between 20 degrees c to 30 degrees c. It is good to visit this ideal place during the months between June and March. As it is breathtaking scenery you will get to experience during the season. 

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