How to Download Instagram Photos Directly?

Download Instagram Photos Directly?

There is no uncertainty that Instagram is slowly becoming the world’s largest social media platform. People who gather can share photographs, videos with their followers and even chat, react and comment on whatever they catch while fleeting the timeline. But, when it comes to saving something from Instagram, it is a bit knotty. Because of the privacy content of the Instagram community, they do not have a download option. So what we found is a tool called DownloadGram Photo Downloader to simply accomplish what we want. Save or download Instagram photos and videos using DownloadGram Photo Downloader is pretty cool. It is completely an online method without boundaries. It can fetch the original media file to your device by simply converting it to readable formats.

What is DownloadGram Photo Downloader?

This is for those who wish to go through further clearing up of DownloadGram Photo Downloader. In fact, this is a small tool based on the web. So we call it DownloadGram Online as well. DownloadGram can download any media that is shared on Instagram within a few seconds. All it uses is the link to a certain post. This became a popular tool for the reason that it perfectly replaced the demand of having a Download option on Instagram.

Anyhow, DownloadGram Photo Downloader is an offer from a third-party developer. It is not an accompanying suggestion of Instagram at all. It never records your downloads. And even it is an unlimited downloader. Any media file can easily be saved to a device without worrying about whether it is a handset or a desktop. And even the operating system is not a barrier that keeps you away from using DownloadGram Photo Downloader. When you download any photo from Instagram, DownloadGram will convert it into a jpg as a readable file. You can use the same tool to download Instagram videos too. And even those videos too will switch their format into readable mp4.

Instant features of DownloadGram

  • DownloadGram Photo Downloader is a third-party online tool
  • It can download Instagram photos and videos
  • While downloading media, it converts them into suitable formats like jpg and mp4
  • It saves the true quality of both Instagram photos and videos
  • The user interface is quite plain and simple
  • This is a one-click download method
  • Users do not have to register or sign up. Once click the link of the DownloadGram Photo Downloader, you are there

How to use DownloadGram Photo Downloader?

First of all, make sure that you are a registered Instagram member. Moreover, it is better to update the Instagram app if you are going to make this happen through the app. Of course, you can use the web version if you cannot go through the Instagram app at this moment in time.

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the certain photograph that you wish to download. This would be easier if you can use hashtags that are related to the post to search it. Or else, search the profile. If not, you will have to scroll down the timeline and go to the specific post
  • When you found the photo, simply go to its options list on your top right corner
  • Just click and copy the link
  • Now browse DownloadGram Photo Downloader and open it
  • Simply paste the copied link to the download bar
  • And then go to the “Download Now” option there and tap it right away
  • The process will start. A review of the respective photograph will display on the screen. Just select the Download button once more. Then the photo will automatically convert its format and download to the device

Important: Those who use their smartphone to download Instagram photos should check their storage. The DownloadGram Photo Downloader will not be able to continue if the device space is not enough. And check the stability of your Wi-Fi connection during the process. The quickness of the DownloadGram Photo Downloader depends on your stable internet connection.

The same step guide can be used even when you use the Instagram Web version.

Wrapping up

DownloadGram Photo Downloader is going to be the best Instagram media downloader. It is not just about downloading photos. Of course, it can be used as the best Instagram video downloader as well. The developer behind DownloadGram Photo Downloader often inspects its proficiency and is dedicated to maintaining its quality. All the features that users expect from an Instagram Photos and videos downloader are there with DownloadGram. It is absolutely free and a safe method. Within a couple of minutes, your gallery will capture the Instagram photo that you desire to download. 

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