How to save Pinterest Pictures to computer correctly?

How to save Pinterest pictures to computer correctly

Here is the complete guide on how to save Pinterest pictures to Computer. Downloading Pinterest media is a bit complicated. It is important having a reliable and perfect tool to save Pinterest pictures. In this post, we are going to make clear how to save Pinterest pictures to computer. Anyhow, Pin Downloader is a perfect solution for those who wish to download pictures from Pinterest.

Because there is no certain way to download media files on Pinterest, we should find out a third-party option. There can be some other tools also. But, keep in your mind that Pin Downloader is the best tool for downloading Pinterest media files. it is a free method. And users can go through it without installing it on their devices.  Moreover, it can use on your desktop as well, instead of your smartphone. So, we know you can imagine how amazing it is. Here is everything you should know about the tool.

Save Pinterest pictures to computer

This is a tool that can use on your Windows and Mac, as we always talk about apps that we can install on our smartphones. But, it does not mean you cannot Save Free Pinterest Pictures using the tool on your smart device. Of course, you can use both. However, Pin Downloader can help you to Save Pinterest Pictures to your computer correctly. It is not an installable application. You can visit the website of the Pin Downloader and use it. The developer who made the tool developed it as an online tool that anyone can use. So the tool can use on both handsets and desktops without any bother.

Users can Save Free Pinterest Pictures to their computer easily using Pin Downloader. Its user-friendly interface only has the download sections and the description. Those who have yet to know about the tool can go through the description. The rest can copy and paste the Pinterest Picture link to the download section and Save Pinterest Pictures. It is simple but of course a perfectly designed tool for one and all.

Important facts to remember

  • Download Pictures From Pinterest using Pin Downloader is totally free
  • It can download Pinterest pictures, videos and GIFs as well
  • Because the tool is an online tool, users should connect their computer to a stable internet connection from the very beginning
  • Windows, Mac OS X or whatever operating system can use
  • It cannot support downloading media files related to any other social media platform
  • You can make the operation smooth and rapid by connecting the PC to a stable internet access
  • While the tool will Save Free Pinterest Pictures in png format and their original size, you can select the format and the size as you prefer using the table after the preview will show

How to save Pinterest pictures to computer?

  • First of all, make sure that your computer or laptop is connected to Wi-Fi or you properly connected the dongle
  • Now launch Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Avast Secure Browser, Opera, or whatever web browser
  • Open two tabs right away
  • And then open the Pinterest web version and the Pin Downloader tool page that Save Pinterest Pictures Online
  • Go to the Pinterest page and log in to your account
  • Stay on the top of the page and type the topic you want to download in the search bar. And then, wait for the list of related Pinterest pictures. or else, you can easily go to your Pinboard and pick a picture if you already pinned a related one there
  • Once open the picture, you have to click the share icon or the “Copy Link” option. when you click the share icon, you will get another “Copy Link” option. So you have to continue with both Share icon > Copy link options. But, you can simply use the direct “Copy Link” option and get the “copied link to your clipboard to share” notification also. If not, use the address that displays on the address bar when you are opening the picture. Go through whatever way that easy for you to copy the URL
  • Now switch to the other tab we opened from the very beginning
  • Observe carefully at the top of the page and find out the download section. Go to the bar and paste the URL that is copied
  • Now use the Download button below
  • Patiently remain for the tool to open the preview of the picture for you. And there will be another download button. Without clicking the second button, you will not be able to complete the Download Pictures From Pinterest process. So click it if you still want to download the same image
  • Within the next few seconds, the Pinterest picture will save to the Download folder
  • Do not close the window until Save Pinterest Pictures complete its course
  • You will see a table containing file sizes and formats when the preview is there. Just click on those and download the file in the size and the format that you like better

Note: Follow the same step guide even when you are using your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad. There are only a few changes to apply.

Wrapping up

Now you can suggest the Pin Downloader tool as the best if someone will ask you how to save Pinterest Pictures to computer? The tool is very easy. And it is free from one to uncountable downloads even without donations. Once it will Save Pinterest Pictures Online, it will not save in its records. So it is safe and reliable. Since you do not have to worry about setting up the application on your desktop, it is easy to open and close the tab after using it. For the same reason, even when you are using Mac or Windows, you do not have to worry about the recommended installation. You can open the same Pin Downloader web page using whatever device and accomplish your task. Download Pictures From Pinterest is no longer difficult thanks to Pin Downloader. 

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