The Cost of Adding a Half Bathroom to Your Custom Home in Dallas

The Cost of Adding a Half Bathroom to Your Custom Home in Dallas

How much to build a house in Texas depends on many factors. This includes the price of the lot, cost of labor, and all those extra features and amenities you choose to have in order to improve the look and value of your custom home. 

Adding a half bathroom, popularly known as a powder room,  to a custom home provides a great starting point for homeowners looking to improve the value of their property. Plus, it will also add an element of convenience and functionality to the entire home structure. 

Now the real question…

How much does it cost to build a half bathroom in your home?

Keep reading and you will find an answer to this and many other related questions right here in this article. 

But let’s cover the basics first!

What is a Half Bathroom?

As its name implies, a half bathroom doesn’t include as many features and facilities as a conventional bathroom. These bathrooms are usually constructed near the main home entrance or common area from where guests and family members can easily access them. 

Home contractors generally recommend space-friendly accessories and minimal design options for powder rooms. These include floating vanities, wall-mounted sinks, etc. 

 That’s mainly because the half baths are usually limited in space. 

Speaking of the benefits…

The Perks of Adding a Half Bathroom to Your Custom Home

According to the National Association of Home Builders Report, installing a powder room in your custom home will add 10% to your property’s value on average. 

Besides that, having an extra bath at the entrance provides easy to access bathroom options for guests and visitors. Because there is only a toilet and sink included in these bathrooms, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning or maintaining them either. 

There are many benefits of adding a half bath to your custom home. But similar to anything else, adding a powder room in your custom home also comes with a few cons. 

Are There Any Cons to Adding a Half Bathroom to Your Custom Home?

First things first, building an additional bathroom will add to the overall cost of your home. This also goes without saying that having one more bathroom in your home will also increase your monthly utility bills. 

Naturally, you will have to bear the additional cost of cooling, heating, water usage, and electricity. All of this may sound like a daunting idea at first, but the good news is you can easily control these costs by investing in energy-efficient smart bathroom equipment and accessories. 

Now, let’s head over to the most important section of this article in which we highlight the actual cost estimates for adding a half bath into your custom home in Dallas…

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Half Bathroom to Your Custom Home?

Many factors contribute to the cost of adding a custom bathroom to your home in Dallas. We’re going to have a quick look at all of them one by one in this section for you:

The location of your bathroom

The first factor that affects the overall cost of your half bathroom is its location. If you’re planning to extend the existing area, it will cost you anywhere between $5k and $15k. But if you want o build a half bathroom from scratch, you need to at least have a budget between $10k and $30k. 

Similarly, if you want to build a huge half bathroom, you have to pay more for plumbing, accessories, and vanity. A small powder room, on the other hand, requires fewer decoratives and sanitary items.

Next on our list is

The plumbing costs

The plumbing costs will devour the major part of your bathroom building budget. The installation of new plumbing lines and pipes will cost you around $15k to $25k. But if you can utilize the existing plumbing network to establish a connection to another bathroom, you can save a lot of plumbing costs on your project. 

Electrical requirements

Similar to plumbing costs, electrical requirements will also consume a lot of finances. Present-day housing standards require new constructions to have a built-in GFCI circuit. These circuits are also ideal because they provide ample protection against shock in wet areas. 

If you’re planning to build a half bathroom in a new home, you have to follow this standard. But this feature is also important if you’re planning to add a new bathroom in old construction. 


Every house needs proper ventilation settings to ensure your property is fully ventilated. Current housing codes demand that every house should include an operable window or an exhaust to circulate air properly inside the bathroom. 

As far as the cost of exhaust system installation is concerned, it can cost you between $300 and $400. 

Type of material

Last but not least, the type of material you would use will also affect the total cost of building a half bathroom in Texas. This includes the cost of flooring, ceilings, vanity, and other decoratives or bathroom accessories you want to include in your powder room. 

Can I Add Half Bathroom to Anywhere in My Home?

The beauty of a powder room is it should look different from a traditional bathroom. The general misconception is you should have it next to your entrance, but there are several other areas where you can build a half bathroom for your guests and family members.


If you have a kid’s play area or a home office in your basement, adding a half bath there would be a great idea. The best part? Building a powder room in the basement won’t cost you a lot either. On average, it will cost anywhere between $5k and $10k to build a small-size powder room in your basement. 

Transforming existing storage into a half bathroom

Yes, you can transform existing unused space in your home into a fully-functional half bath. 

For instance, the storage under a staircase can easily be converted into a half bath. You can also transform closet storage into a powder room. 

Wrap Up

A half bathroom can be a great addition to any custom home in Dallas. We shared with you several ways of incorporating it into your custom home construction. By now, you must have a clear idea of the cost of building a powder room in Texas. Are you ready to transform your imagination into a living reality?

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