Top Upholstery Fabric Recommendations for Start-up Buyers

Upholstery Fabric Recommendations for Start-up Buyers

When starting your own upholstery business, the most important thing to remember is that your customer doesn’t have to see the job until it’s done perfectly. Regardless of how much experience you have or how many or few tools you have. You’ll gain a lifelong customer who will tell their friends about you.

High quality fabric is the element of the upholstery that will make the most visual difference. There are many different sorts of upholstery textiles, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. When deciding on upholstery fabric, consider the frequency with which your furniture will be used. As well as who will be using it and what the main purpose will be. 

That is what we will look into now in order to assist you in selecting the ideal upholstery fabric for your next project. The quality of the fabric is a major factor in determining whether it is acceptable for upholstery. Our guide covers all you need to know about beginning and running an upholstery business!

Take Note!

Customers will choose your upholstery company for a variety of reasons.

It’s critical to do everything you can to ensure that enough people choose your upholstery company over other options. Your market research can reveal a gap in the market that you can fill. For instance, there may be no local firms that provides a high-quality, traditional service. 

Learn what your customers desire.

You might go to local antiques fairs or markets and inquire if any of the merchants or restorers who are exhibiting are interested in your services. It’s also worth approaching companies like furniture producers or interior designers to see if they’d be interested in any of your services. Don’t forget to give everyone you speak with a business card or, if you have one, a printed brochure.

For Decorative Items 

If you’re looking for high quality fabric for cushions or accents, go for a less durable cloth that has a nice look and feel.

  • Silk Satin, or a poly Silk Satin alternative — these materials are silky smooth to the touch and have an extremely soft feel.
  • Princess Lace Fabric – A multilayer jacquard lace fabric with a knitted lace front and a satin reverse.

For Rare Household Use

These high quality fabrics are classified as “light home use.” This makes them suitable for furniture that will only be used once in a while. They’re usually composed of delicate yarns and should only be dry cleaned.

  • Bamboo Soft is a soft-touch, environmentally friendly cloth with a smooth, crisp texture.
  • Cotton Pima Lawn is a light, breezy fabric with a matte finish and a soft, smooth texture.

For Daily Use

These textiles are ideal for furniture that will be used on a daily basis and are suitable for general residential use. These types of upholstery fabric would look great on your main couch or chairs. They’re not designed for high-stress environments, such as a chair.

  • Archway Brushed Twill combines a gentle brushed look with a robust diamond twill weave for a unique surface texture.
  • Mayfair Herringbone Is a wonderful herringbone textured weave with a soft cotton-like feel for a nice surface texture.

For Commercial Use

Commercial textiles include the two options mentioned above, which are at the high end of heavy domestic, as well as some other upholstery material suggestions.

  • Chenille is a thick and rough woven fabric with a caterpillar pile that has been rub tested to 40,000 oscillations.
  • Velvet Shimmer is a 40k rub tested carpet with a dense short pile, a soft-touch texture, and a shimmering face.
  • Suede Vision and Martindale Rub are both fire-rated. This imitation suede cloth has been tested to 40k and is smooth in every aspect.

Additional Tips for Start-up Upholstery Businesses

Acquire Experience

If you’ve attended upholstery school and have a portfolio of your work, you can start looking for clients straight away. In other circumstances, you may wish to practice a little before taking on your first client to fine-tune your talents. Buy antique furniture from auctions or yard sales and reupholster it to practice. 

Then, take photos of these items for your website and portfolio, and consider putting the furniture on display in your meeting room. You might also volunteer to help friends with small jobs for free. In exchange for your free labor, let them pay for the fabric and hardware. If your friends like the job, ask them to tell their friends about it, and especially to encourage them to post images and a link to your new business on social media.

Look for Help

You’ll confront some unique upholstery challenges as your company grows. You could wish to develop an online support system to reach out to other professionals with your questions. There are websites that includes a wealth of educational videos and articles, as well as a discussion area. There are also dedicated forums for auto upholstery pros and amateurs, such as the Hog Ring. Look around and visit a few forums to locate the ones that are most appropriate for you.

Extras should be provided

Consider providing a little something extra to everyone of your customers to go above and beyond with customer care. Make an additional throw pillow with excess fabric, always give clients a high quality fabric swatch to use while shopping for other furniture, or come up with creative methods to set your business apart from the competition. 

Having a large number of fabric catalogs on hand is a good idea. Your clients will have to look at the catalog in their office if you only have one copy of each catalog. You want to give them something they can take home and think about before making a decision. If feasible, provide several swatch books so that your clients can take them home with them. 

You can start to focus on your business if you have the resources, a space to work, a growing portfolio of samples, and a few clients. Take your time and give each piece your all. Finally, your work is the most visible representation of your firm, thus it must shine.

You can choose the greatest upholstery wholesale fabrics for you now that you know what to consider. You can analyze your alternatives and pick the best decision for what high quality fabric to be used. Whether you want to reupholster the chair or create a full new design. Why not have the best upholstery business and produce good products for your clients right? This can be done by first choosing the right and appropriate high quality fabrics!

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