What tests will an Urologist conduct if I am suffering from Erectile Dysfunction?

The doctor will use the device, which resembles the magic wand, and then place it on your penis. It uses sound waves to make an image of your blood vessels , so your doctor can observe the flow of blood.

Men require many different components of the body in order to be functioning properly from the brain to glands that regulate hormones, to the penis and blood vessels to create and keep an erection. This is why the erectile dysfunction may have a variety of reasons. A few of these are physical. other causes are psychological and mental.

The physical causes of Erectile dysfunction can include diabetes and heart disease, to excessive blood pressure and overweight. Ailments or nerves that are damaged can also cause issues with erection. Drinking alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle cigarettes, or smoking could be the cause of issues.

On the psychological and mental side, depression, fear and stress play a significant part. Problems with relationships are also a factor. There are many of reasons for the condition, you can take a variety of different tests your doctor may utilize to identify Erectile dysfunction. Only when the reason for the erectile dysfunction is identified is it possible to treat it effectively.

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Medical and Sexual History

It’s not a real test, however your doctor is likely to start with questions regarding your sexual and medical background. The reason for this is that He is trying to understand the way ED can affect you and determine whether it’s the main cause behind the problem.

The doctor may also inquire about your sexual desires or relationship issues and erections if you have them. It will tell if the problem is emotional or physically. Talk to your doctor about the issue because they won’t be able to assist your case if you keep information from them. Your doctor can prescribe medicines such as Cenforce, Fildena, Malegra, Vidalista, Tadalista and numerous others.

Physical Exam

The doctor will check your testicles and penis to determine if they appear normal and your nerves are functioning according to plan. It is also possible to check for loss of hair and more breasts than normal. These could be indicators that you are suffering from an issue with your hormones.

You may also:

Take a look at your pulse ankles and wrists to see whether you have blood circulation that is in good shape.

Monitoring your heartbeat to make sure it’s just right

Take a look at your blood pressure.

Blood and Urine Tests

In light of your medical examination and medical and health check-ups sexual history, your physician may recommend specific urine or blood tests. They’ll use them to detect issues that could cause Erectile dysfunction, for example:


Heart disease

Kidney disease

hormone problems, such as low testosterone

A blood test is a way to check the thyroid’s function.

A butterfly-shaped organ in the throat, they perform multiple functions. One of them is to assist with the flow of sexual hormones. This test will confirm that the gland is functioning properly.

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Overnight Erection Test

Men typically get 3 to five erections during the night as they are asleep. The doctor might perform an erection test over the course of the night to determine whether you achieve an erection.

In this test the doctor will place an apparatus on your penis prior to when you go to bed. It will determine the number of erections that you experience and the strength of them. A less complicated variant of the test makes use of an erection ring made of plastic that is placed around your penis. The ring is broken when you experience an erection.

If your test indicates that you have erections. Instead, ED is due to something emotional or mental.

Injection Test

The injection test is called an intracavernous test. The doctor injects the medication into the base of your penis, causing an intimate erection. If you do not get one, you could be having issues with blood flow to the penis.


Ultrasound, often referred to as an Doppler ultrasound is a different method of evaluating blood flow into the penis. It can be utilized alongside injecting test.

Mental Health Examination

If a psychological or mental issue appears to be the reason for the issue, your physician will be able to ask you questions regarding your mental wellbeing. Check for anxiety, depression as well as other causes of Erectile dysfunction. If you are one of your regular partners The doctor may suggest for you to discuss your relationship together. This could help you find out what your relationships are and the way it impacts your relationship. Ability to maintain and achieve sexual intimacy.

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