Where to Avail Free Podcast Audio Jingles

Free Podcast Audio Jingles

Shockingly, you can’t utilize any tune you need in your webcast. It would help if you watched out. 

Utilizing protected or copyrighted podcast jingles without consent can get your show started off-staged like on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. What’s more, if that occurs, you’ll need to begin once more without any preparation. 

It’s not worth the danger. Computerized copyright encroachment location frameworks are getting more complex continuously. They can get you out regardless of whether you’ve just utilized seconds of a track. To put it plainly, this implies no Beyoncé, no Jay-Z, and no to every other artist or band you’ve at any point known about. 

So with most jingles beyond reach, where would you be able to discover songs for your podcast production

In this post, we’ll take you on a visit through the best free and paid sources to discover sovereignty-free jingles for podcasts. On the off chance that you’d favor making a plunge, here are the seeds that made the rundown. We’ve likewise laid out everyone in more detail underneath.

Top Free Sources of Podcast jingles 

  • Pixabay Music
  • Incompetech 
  • Freebeats.io 
  • Podcast.co 
  • Free Music Archive
  • Silverman Sound Studios 
  • Purple Planet 
  • Audionautix

Accessible sources of podcast jingles

The conspicuous advantage here is that the tunes are 100% allowed to utilize. At times you’ll need to credit the maker. However, you will not need to pay a penny. 

Regardless of whether you haven’t got a financial plan for your web podcast music, free jingles destinations will, in any case, give you a lot of alternatives to work with. However, they do have their disadvantages. 

The creation quality can sound unprofessional on specific jingles. Furthermore, the accessible libraries aren’t as large or efficient in contrast with paid administrations (a portion of the UIs seem as though they haven’t been updated in years). This insinuates on the off chance that you have an unmistakable thought of the sort of melody you need for your webcast, you may struggle to discover something suitable. 

Then again, in case you’re not too fastidious about tracking down the “awesome” track for your webcast, you’ll have no issue discovering one from the sources underneath. Having your subject tunes adds an extra layer of character to your show. However, what makes a difference most is your substance. Audience members will buy into your digital podcast, dependent on the strength of what you say. Not because you have a fantastic introduction melody. 


We’ve delivered Podcast.co podcast collection, which is free for the local podcasting area to utilize. You don’t have to give credit. 

Their Keep Calm and Podcast collection includes a determination of chilled house and downtempo beats that will have your web recording sounding cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. You can test the jingles utilizing the player beneath and download the whole collection for nothing if you locate one you like.

Pixabay Music 

You may have effectively utilized Pixabay before to source copyright-free pictures. Fortunately, they’ve likewise made an index of totally allowed-to-utilize jingles. Crediting isn’t needed. 

Utilizing the helpful channel on the left-hand side of the page, you can sort tunes by classification, mindset, and development. The current index of jingles is extensive and various, and the UI is smooth and straightforward to explore. 

Free Music Archive 

Free Music Archive gathers jingles from many specialists and caretakers across the world. The UI is not difficult to make use of and explore. You can channel jingles by artists and type. Once more, you don’t have to give credit use jingles. 

They likewise even give diagram postings to the most well-known jingles on the site over the previous week, month, and year. This is especially valuable as the lyrics that make it into the diagrams will, in general, be more excellent and better created. It saves a great deal of time sifting through average tunes! 


Freebeats.io offers admittance to extraordinary compared to other eminence-free music libraries out there. All jingles included on the site can be downloaded and utilized by content designers for any venture – you should follow them via online media and give them credit.

In case you’re searching with the expectation of complimentary present-day rap, hip-bounce, and EDM beats, it’s the best source we’ve found. Nonetheless, the library isn’t excessively assorted and will not be as everybody would prefer. White Hot, a maker from Canada, is behind every one of the beats on FreeBeats.io. His music and jingles have been highlighted on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. 


Incompetech offers a colossal library of allowed to-utilize jingles made by author Kevin MacLeod. He delivers the majority of his music for movies and narratives – so in case you’re creating an anecdotal or sound dramatization digital recording, they can function admirably. 

In any case, the inventory contains a lot of jingles that would function admirably for a verbally expressed word digital podcast as well. You can utilize the vocals on Incompetech for anything and without authorization (as long as you give credit).

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