Why do you need to optimize your Instagram bio links?


As we all know, Instagram allows us to have only one clickable link in the entire profile. Though it can be the worst part of Instagram, Instagram bio links are the only way to drive traffic and sales. Like many people, you may think why Instagram provides only one bio link. 

While scrolling through other social networks like Twitter and Facebook, you might have seen spam links in the comment section. Due to this, IG puts restrictions when it comes to having links. As a business owner or blogger, you may have multiple links. But what when you’re allowed to have only one link? 

If you want to share multiple business links with your Instagram followers, optimize your Instagram bio links. This way, you will be able to get more from your single bio link. Let’s proceed here to take a quick look at how we can optimize Instagram bio links. 

How to optimize your Instagram bio links

I know you’re tired of constantly changing out of your Instagram bio links. That’s why I have come with this blog post to help you make the most get out of your single clickable bio link. Here I will discuss the most famous Instagram bio tools that will optimize your single link in bio. 


If you want to create free and quick brand awareness, use LinkBook. It is 100% free for individuals. With this bio tool, you can create beautiful landing pages where you can house whatever you want, such as blogs, videos, affiliate links, product pages, and many more. 

The best part is that you can integrate these landing pages with MailChimp, Facebook pixel, and Google analytics. Moreover, it provides an advanced link tracking facility. This technique will help you see where clicks and impressions are coming from. 

It does not stop there. It also allows you to add animated effects to your links. Also, LinkBook provides custom domains for these landing pages. Here are some of its features;

  • A free basic plan with premium features
  • It provides UTM parameters
  • Media embedding
  • In-depth statistics


Shorby is a fantastic bio tool. However, it’s not free. You will need to purchase its premium plan to use its features. Shorby is considered one of the most famous and influential Linktree alternatives. Using Shorby, you can create smart pages that help you get more from your Instagram bio links. You can add your logo & brand name, social icons, messenger buttons, and many more in these smart pages. 

Above all, you can also add dynamic feeds that help you display your latest posts, products, YouTube videos, and more. Moreover, you can add scheduled links that will appear at specific times on your landing pages in these pages. I also recommend adding your social links to these pages because this is an excellent way to cross-promote your social networks. 

Shorby provides many customization options that enable you to customize the theme of your landing page and use ad tracking pixel-like Facebook pixel for retargeting purposes. Once your sign-up for Shorby, you will be able to create mobile-optimized landing pages. Afterward, copy and paste your pages’ URL into your bio right under the website section. 


Tap.Bio is the easiest and one of the most potent Instagram bio tools. It works on a card-based system that helps users stand out their pages from the crowd. This bio tool is free to use. The free version comes with the card, and each card performs a different function. For example, one card collects posts with unclickable links, while the second card switches inactive links into clickable posts. The key features of Tap.Bio is given below;

  • It allows you to create mobile-optimized personalized and mini-branded websites. 
  • Email sign-up feature using cards
  • Tap.Bio will enable you to retarget users on Google AdSense, Facebook, and Instagram.

Though its free plan provides cards, many limitations are there you will have to accept. However, it provides paid plans. If you want to use advanced features, including Instagram connections and statistics, go for a premium plan. 


It is the oldest Instagram bio tool. However, now you will find Linktree alternatives there. Shorby is the most famous alternative/competitor of Linktree. However, Linktree is free to use, while Shorby offers only paid versions. 

With Linktree, you can create personalized landing pages. On these pages, you can add unlimited links. These links may be for your blogs, product pages, Facebook pages, affiliate links, and YouTube videos. Here are some features of Linktree;

  • It provides email integrations with Mailchimp
  • Linktree also provides a link tracking facility
  • You can add scheduled links to your pages
  • Customizable themes
  • Linktree gives access you to analytics
  • It also has integrations with Amazon and Google analytics
  • You can create SMS sign-up links

Above all, Linktree provides leap links that send all traffic to one page at a specific time. 

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